The Miro Store of Duoyun Bookstore, Dream La Miro

  • area / size 18,299 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Yancheng, China,
  • Wutopia Lab designed the Miro Store of Duoyun Bookstore, Dream La Miro with a focus on nature in Yancheng, China.

    Wutopia lab’s design for the fairytale parent-child bookstore, the Miro store of Duoyun Bookstore, for Jiangsu Spring Blossom Culture and Creative Town, was inaugurated in October at Dream Town in Yancheng, Jiangsu.

    Ocean, the origin of creation
    The main part of the Miro store of Duoyun Bookstore is the drawing library on the first floor. Since I am particularly fascinated by the idea of separating contiguous rooms within each other to form a type of house within a house under a complete large space, I divided the picture books into four groups according to theme into different individual huts. Inspired by the Miro’s IP The Creation, I used different levels of blue to turn the whole drawing library into an ocean. Four of the animals from The Creation, sea creatures, amphibians, birds, and mammals, were selected and abstracted to form the animal-shaped entrances of the huts. The different holes combined with the different coloured perforated aluminum panels form the different facades of the huts, while the inside of the huts is uniformly white. After all, no matter how noisy it is, reading needs to remain quiet. The whole drawing library is a tribute and a spatial interpretation of The Creation.

    Circus on the Stars
    There is a striking red perforated aluminum panel tent on the terrace outside the drawing library. Visitors can notice the flaming tent as they enter from the town square. The tent comes from two sources, The Circus of the Miro’s IP and the red flying house on the roof of the Anaya children’s restaurant designed by Wutopia lab five years ago. The carousel in the tent is the recurring symbol of Wutopia lab’s designs about children and dreams, representing a kind of adult childlike spirit that Wutopia lab insists on preserving. The red tent stands quietly on the fluorite floor. When night comes, the fluorite, which absorbs daylight, shines like a starry sky. We call this the Star Garden. The tent on the stars is a child’s declaration, “I want always to be a little boy and to have fun.”

    Eden in the Golden Mountains
    I created rolling ‘mountains’ with gold perforated aluminum panels on the roof of the drawing library, and a glass house with a wave-tossed ceiling hidden inside the gold mountain. This multi-purpose hall, named the Aozora Lecture Hall, can be used for exhibitions, roadshows, book signings, dinners, and parties. However, what I actually want is someone to contemplate unattached in a plain box inside the brilliant gold, and this moment is my Eden.

    Duoyon Bookstore, as Never-never Land
    In 2015, my daughter murmured to herself, “I really love this happy world.” This gave me a sense of responsibility and courage to break through the various stereotypes. In many cases, children are our teachers. A bookshop can be an attitude and a declaration of the way we face life. There is no such word as easy in the adult world. But we can do our best to create beauty and keep our innocence. This is the meaning of the Miro Store of Duoyon Bookstore.

    Design: Wutopia Lab
    Design Team: YU Ting, PU Shengrui, LIN Chen, LV Jie, FENG Yanyan, XU Zijie, BIAN Chao
    Design Consultant: TOPOS DESIGN
    Photography: CreatAR Images