POLY Starry Sky Town

  • area / size 70,805 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Heyuan, China,
  • C&C DESIGN completed an experience for guests to enjoy POLY Starry Sky Town in Heyuan, China.

    Located in the riverside of Wanlv Lake, Starry Sky Town is playing the most important role in the local eco-tourism.

    As the branch of Heyuan City Library, the design of this project must both comes in response to the surrounding environment and brings the badly-needed public cultural functions to the new town.

    -1F Starry Sky Book Bar
    The light goes through the round hole in the roof, two different trendings of power like SURREAL & SENSE are made by natural light and texture, while the dome structure creates a classic atmosphere to the book bar.

    Vertical lines converge at the skylight, comes into being a metaphysical beholding. The circular sitting area provides a meditated and quite place for readers. From -1F book bar leading to 1F lobby, a relatively closed corridor appears upstairs, evoking the pure perception, feeling like pulling away from the real world temporarily.

    1F Reception Hall
    The nebula, as the most aesthetic objects in the universe with a future-sense flow line, makes the lobby become light and soft. Columns are weaken by the outline and pure expression of color. At the end of the half-arcs space, the entrance to the -1F book bar is located, like waiting for the opening of a secret starry.

    3F Lounge
    The tone of 3F is dark colors, a future sense device forming an energy wall. It is an abstruse space, leading to the vast galaxy. Different dimension mirror creates the more fuzzy and interesting visual experience. The Stars like life, they are always shining slightly although the dark surrounding.

    4F Rooftop Infinity Pool
    There is an infinity pool at the rooftop, for people relaxing and enjoying the leisure time. Now in this epidemic time, in the ideal consumerism, people gradually be aware of the clear air, original nature, pure water and the distinct seasons experience is treasured , which is making of the beautiful starry sky for living.

    Design: C&C DESIGN
    Photography: Pianfang Studio