Wan Fang High School – Bricks Lab

  • area / size 8,932 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Taipei, Taiwan,
  • 3+2 Design Studio completed the innovative Bricks Lab for Wan Fang High School in Taipei, Taiwan.

    First, we allow the windows along the hallway to offer two different functions; they serve both as a storage integration area and as a display wall. The initially dim, claustrophobic classroom was made brighter; the inner area, from top to bottom, was refurbished to provide different storage functions; and building blocks was added both inside and outside the classroom to create a sense of fun.

    Concurrently, we introduce the building block history class, dividing the classroom space into the colors or orange, gray, and white.The color of orange was inspired by the colors of traditional temples; the color of grey signifies a foundation built using bricks and tiles; and the color of white, which fills the space from start to finish, resembles an avenue of stars that extends to the building block wall at the back, allowing teachers and students to create different wall designs for different classes.

    Finally, we added modular tables and chairs in the classroom space, using a large number of stacked building blocks, incorporating the concept of modular design, and offering different teaching “combinations” such as classroom, exhibition, and performance to meet the educational needs of the teachers and students.

    Design: 3+2 Design Studio
    Design Team: Hsieh Yi-cheng, Chen Fang-Yu, Chen Hsin-I, Lee Bo-Chen, Lee Bo-Shiuan
    Photography: Taiwan Design Research Institute