Guo-Hua Junior High School – Uni-LAB

  • area / size 1,779 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Luodong, Taiwan,
  • 3+2 Design Studio embraced a minimal design highlighted by neon at the Uni-LAB for Guo-Hua Junior High School in Luodong, Taiwan.

    Located in Luodong Township, Yilan,the Guo-Hua Junior High School was founded 50 years ago.The school’s latest project is to optimize its physics and chemistry laboratory.According to the floor plan, the laboratory measures approximately 50 ping and has a trapezoidal shape and a lighting area by the window that is slanted, creating an asymmetrical architectural structure.

    First, we changed the laboratory layout, turning the laboratory 180 degrees. Because the teacher’s desk and equipment preparation room are located at the front and back of the classroom, it poses danger during the lesson-preparation and equipment-carrying process. Thus, we reverted the directions of the front and back, allowing the teacher’s desk to be closer to the laboratory equipment.

    Second, we modified the table layout.The old classroom had five long tables, one for the teacher and four to be shared by two groups of students performing group experiments. The countertops in the middle of the old tables made it difficult for students to engage in group discussions.

    Therefore, we changed the five long tables into seven independent tables, allowing each group of students to enjoy their own independent experiment and discussion table, making group experiments more flexible and undisturbed.

    Third, we reconfigured the light source.The ceiling beams and columns in the old classroom were too low, and the lights were dim. Therefore, we employed the lighting-epoch technology, offering uniform brightness and allowing users to adjust light brightness according to their needs. The lights were arranged in a straight matrix-shape, weakening the oppressive feeling created by the low ceiling beams and columns ,and achieving an overall sense of balance where internal lights and sunlight blend into one.

    Lastly, concerning the main spatial colors and unity, we chose uranium U/uranium green, the most representative element in the periodic table, to set the theme of the space. Combined with the graphite gray of the ceiling, uranium U/uranium green accentuate the uranium green lines and spatial atmosphere.Concurrently, the same design is deployed in the surrounding white experimental walls, making the overall trapezoidal structure more lively and layered.

    The word “Uni-Lab,” a pun with U+Uni, symbolizes the experimental spirit of all students cooperating with each other. The U-shaped connecting pipes represent students working with each other and creating the optimal balance when facing the same pressure and difficulties; and unlimited potential, energetic learning abilities and experimental spirit.

    The seven-pointed stars in the upper left-hand corner of the Logo represent the seven experimental tables in the laboratory. They also resemble electrons orbiting in space, symbolizing students gathering around a table to explore science, sparking infinite creative potential. The goal is to, through the use of this space, inspire Guo-Hua Junior High School teachers and students to invent more innovative teaching models and build the perfect formula for learning and aesthetics.

    Design: 3+2 Design Studio
    Photography: courtesy of 3+2 Design Studio