International School Bangkok (ISB) – Elementary School Cafeteria

  • area / size 9,246 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Bangkok, Thailand,
  • Interior Architecture 103 designed the Elementary School Cafeteria for the International School Bangkok (ISB) in Bangkok, Thailand.

    A renovated 30 years old courtyard building continues in service for everyday use located at International School Bangkok in Pakkret, Nonthaburi, Thailand. This cafeteria serves kindergarten students up to elementary school 5th graders, fits 125-155 seats and can turn into a multi-functional hall. With well-considered and aesthetic idea combining with teacher teams, a sunken kitchen to let the kids see the inside of how chefs inspire their future careers or how the kitchen staffs can be productive with the adult ergonomic and they can serve themselves without trying to use adult counter. Welcome aboard for the best world for kids and school staff memorable experiences.

    The Characteristic of this spacing affect the concept of simple & fun but sustainable Scandinavian style, neutral tone and beige color are involved in this area. The linear of natural appearances are running harmonize with all-electric system and hidden messy things in a very neat way. The curve ceilings show how the wild and flow of users would be, but yes, the sound acoustic is needed because 100+ children could make the space superb echo, and the conversation among persons would be difficult. This concern is solved by intelligent material and craftsmanship of the contractor that can be beautiful, neat and really acoustic. The floor is wooden tile, easy to clean in few minutes for another round. The window appearance is wider, the interior scene is not only a frameless but seamless glass as well.

    This objective perspective would not be a realistic aspect if the project owner does not play along with the designers’ proposal. It is a blending inside out to outside in.

    Clean and fresh feeling is experimental for kids’ memorable to be a standard guide for life. Every corner of this cafeteria will speckle some of the real plants in many ways of display. In daytime, the outdoor lighting is brightening the area and not too hot by shading due to the direction of the sun is in the good zone. All materials are concerned to be easy cleaning, non-toxic, and human friendly. This space is clearly comfortable for a big group of varieties of age.

    This old building is quite difficult to re-arrange the function, existing preference, and objective appearance. Furthermore, sound absorbing, clean fresh air and health of kids make much happier socialization. We use acoustic system to solve the noise and echo problem. We add in some fresh air to combine the air-conditioner not only for easy breathing but sustainable health. For the hygiene, we decided to use all materials which are easily to be cleaned, brightening and non-toxic.

    The shape of the building is a limited useful space. Every divider is camouflaged eye-sight. We broke out old rules and create something special to wider and closer all relationships among kids, staffs in the kitchen and parents. The design conforms to the organic shape therefore freedom line is directing the smooth flow effect. More space for kids, wider scenery, no dividers with feelings of smooth and sound.

    Design: Interior Architecture 103
    Photography: Jinnawat Borihankijanan