Sunsa High School Homebase

  • area / size 2,067 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • JESSICA DESIGN GROUP was tasked with completing the Sunsa High School Homebase with student learning as the priority in Seoul, South Korea.

    Sunsa high schools provide educational information to secure the publicity and accountability of autonomous schools, and to guarantee students’ right to learn.

    Through communication, cooperation, and participation, students are paying attention to creating a happy school where they grow their dreams. It is a Sunsa high school whose goal is to learn the importance of “living together” and grow into an independent and autonomous human being.

    Therefore, a home base was created to allow children to do more diverse activities using some of the corridor spaces on the second, third, and fourth floors, and fresh yellow, warm orange, and calm sky blue were used to create a more free image. Each floor made small changes, but did not deviate from the big frame to form a sense of unity, and in particular, the second and third floors were designed to walk around without shoes to induce children to walk around comfortably. Not only the built-in chair but also the stool can be arranged freely, so there is no inconvenience even in various activities. In addition, since children’s safety is the most important thing in school, decorations that could fall were firmly fixed, and care was taken to prevent sharp stools. As a differentiated space unique to Sunsa high schools, it encourages children to feel more affection for school.

    Photography: Joo Hye Kang