True North School

  • area / size 92,570 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Hanoi, Vietnam,
  • DPLUS VIETNAM created a space for intentional learning with a STEAM emphasis for the True North School in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    “Discover Your True North” – the compass that helps orient, explore, and develop oneself, contributing to global development. A comprehensive global learning environment and a learning community based on interaction. True North School is the first school to apply the STEAM learning approach in Vietnam, encouraging students to cultivate and develop their own interests and talents.

    The project includes 04 space blocks, of which 3 blocks are for 03 school levels (elementary school, middle school, high school) and 1 block is for a multi-purpose building.

    School Block
    All three school blocks are arranged with a common layout: the first-floor space is for administrative purposes (principal’s office, staff room, reception hall) and a medical room; from the second to fourth floors are classrooms.

    For the middle and high school blocks, in addition to the above spaces, there are also areas on each floor for special subjects such as an art room, music room, science room, and a hall.

    Design Orientation
    The desire is to create a coherent space, through which shape-making techniques, navigation, and spatial separation are used. DPLUS used solid shapes and strong intersecting lines to express geometric and futuristic elements. The compass needle is transformed and repeated to increase recognition of the concept of “Discover your true north”. The entire space brings professionalism, focusing on encouraging exploration through design techniques.”

    Concept & Color
    The world is always different in the eyes of every child and the process of discovery helps shape their worldview. Therefore, DPLUS introduces the concept of “Discover your true north” consisting of 3 themes for 3-grade levels to meet the needs of exploration and learning appropriate for each age group.

    Primary School Block – Rumble in the Jungle: In the early years of life, children learn about the world through instinct and senses in the simplest and purest way. The elements of the jungle are exploited: color, plants, animals, geometric shapes that are rounded to ensure safety and aesthetics, and curves that bring a fun, youthful feel to the space.

    Junior high school block – Dive into the ocean: In the second theme, colors are intensified from pastel blue to deep blue to represent cognitive maturity, combined with complementary colors (yellow/red) to fit special spaces that require creativity.

    High school block – Discover infinity in space: In this block, students are older and begin to think more maturely, using darker colors such as dark blue, purple, and silver gray. The dark, warm tones bring a sense of relaxation and calmness but still express power and creativity.

    Photography: Nguyen Thai Thach