Korea National Sport University Maker Space

  • area / size 1,776 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Seoul, South Korea,
  • JESSICA DESIGN GROUP designed an innovative Maker Space for Korea National Sport University in Seoul, Korea.

    Korea National Sport University is a public university located in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and continues to strive to grow into a world-class advanced university by leading the sports culture that contributes to the health and welfare of the people using creation, service, and truth as educational ideology. Neon signs were produced according to the educational ideology of creation, service, and truth to give points. It used future-oriented straight lighting and differentiated the production space with exposed ceiling from the production space without exposed ceiling. An open reinforced glass finish at the top of the table and pendant lighting create an environment where you can concentrate more on your space. Lightweight, easy-to-move chairs and tables are placed in the lecture space for flexible furniture arrangement. In the production space, a 3D printer can be placed on top of the cabinet to serve as the tool cabinet below.

    Design Team: Joo Hye Kang, Seung Won Jeong
    Photography: Joo Hye Kang