CSU Fullerton – Titan Student Union Addition

  • area / size 27,000 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Steinberg Hart created the design for CSU Fullerton’s Titan Student Union addition located in Fullerton, California.

    Originally built in 1976, the Titan Student Union (TSU) is a mainstay of the CSU Fullerton campus. Located at the intersection of three major circulation corridors, most students—commuter or residential—pass by or through the building daily.

    The new Steinberg Hart-designed 27,000 SF addition creates a “front door” experience for students and visitors. The soaring triple-height atrium, which includes a below-grade expansion, integrates the variety of activities at TSU within one complete space. At the same time, each floor retains a distinct character, offering social, active, and collaborative programs. The lower level offers collaborative study areas, and a maker space, while the second level acts as a connective hub between the existing cafe, new, power-equipped outdoor eating area, and central campus courtyard. In between these two levels, students can study and socialize on the grand staircase, which features stadium-style bench seating.

    On the second level, a series of closed offices were replaced by open, highly collaborative spaces suitable for student teamwork. Staff and faculty now enjoy updated open-plan workspaces, as well as shared amenities such as conference rooms, break rooms, and a meditation studio.

    Steinberg Hart’s design team studied the impact of solar exposure on the building and adjusted the facade design to reduce heat gain. Transparency in the building design serves a dual, maximizing daylight and a connection with the campus, while also reducing the need for energy consumption during the day. Pop-up windows on the rooftop harvest daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting inside.

    ArchitectSteinberg Hart
    Design Team: David Hart, Vikas Shrestha, Francisco Osorio, Michael Miler, Edmund Rivera, Raquel Benmergui
    ContractorPCL Construction Services
    PhotographyLawrence Anderson Photography