Grow with Six Senses Kids Club

  • area / size 753 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Hevel-Eilot, Israel,
  • Sarit Shani Hay created a thoughtful space for exploration for young kids at the Grow with Six Senses Kids Club in Hevel-Eilot, Israel.

    Inspired by the unique topography of the desert landscape, the ‘Grow with Six Senses’ playroom emulates natural features of the surrounding scenery, transforming them into interactive objects for play. Focused on enhancing children’s experiences in the hospitality sphere, the boutique hotel’s playroom echoes these values, centring children in each activity. The design aspires to honour the biblical heritage of the region, as well as to create a desert panorama that would act as a special environment for children to relax and play in.

    The space incorporates natural hues and wood finishes to recreate the experience of overlooking the Arava Valley. Reflecting the outside environment onto the indoor playroom, desert motifs populate the space to create a family-inclusive desert encounter. Symbols such as sand dunes, sculptural desert mountains, camels and palm trees create a region-specific escape from daily life. The translation of these symbols into playful and functional objects makes for an uplifting experience that engages children with their surroundings.

    As an experience-driven environment, the design’s interactive elements provide kids with opportunities to express themselves through various activities. Cosy nooks in a soft desert landscape and an upholstered palm tree sit on a platform, offering a kid-friendly experience of the retreat. A balance between the intimate and active is established with the addition of a media area, a ball pit reminiscent of a local watering hole, and a play space with hand-crafted wooden toys- all of which present the opportunity to release energy. The constant visual dialogue across these stations ensures a unified space for kids of all ages to enjoy.

    Generating a multi-sensory interaction, the play kitchen re-enacts cooking in the desert, including bespoke, kid-sized kitchenware and soft wooden logs that sustain the natural textures of the space based on sustainable materials. To enhance this camping experience, the kitchen station is accompanied by a hand-woven desert hut, inspired by both the colour and craft of traditional Bedouin textiles. The unique fabrics factor into the wider colour profile of the space, influencing notes of pink across the sandy landscape of furnishing.

    Our studio has a deep-rooted belief that spaces can have a profound impact on children’s well-being, and the design of this innovative space represents our ethos. The design methodology implemented in the project values children as equal participants in the hospitality experience, ensuring that their sensitivities are met with a joyful space that echoes the identity of the unique surroundings. In response to the concept of the hotel, the ‘Grow with Six Senses’ playroom fosters a harmonious atmosphere to experience the desert, through a child-friendly design approach.

    Design: Sarit Shani Hay
    Photography: Roni Cnaani