California State University Los Angeles – Student Housing East, South Village

  • area / size 410,000 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • HED designed the Student Housing East, South Village for the California State University in Los Angeles, California.

    California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), recognized as a leader in upward mobility for students, is committed to increasing graduation rates. To support this goal, CSULA teamed with HED to design their new student housing development, home to 1,200 freshmen student beds, to improve student engagement and matriculation. The South Village creates an inclusive ‘freshman experience’ for new students by creating a strong residential community through design that supports student success. First generation, diverse and freshmen students are best supported for success with a residential experience and community.

    The South Village is designed to promote diversity and inclusion via small community floors, and a strong complement of shared common spaces for living and learning. The South Village utilizes a village concept of ‘neighborhoods’ to create a strong residential community that supports student success and builds community through shared amenities, including support spaces such as dining, a convenience store, study and lounge spaces, a fitness center, administrative and student life offices, classrooms, and 4 faculty/staff apartments. The mixing of these amenities creates a sense of a vibrant community that supports student success by creating social connection and a sense of belonging. Featuring double and triple bedrooms in small communities with gender-inclusive community bathrooms, the 8-story building wraps around a park, with each of the three segments possessing a separate identity with long-range views to different regional mountains and hills. The midrise towers meander along the edge of campus, with long-range views from all rooms, arrayed around a park.

    Design: HED
    Photography: Nico Marques