Maple Bear Kindergarten

  • area / size 48,437 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Tu Son, Vietnam,
  • iDesign Viet Nam designed a creative space for Maple Bear Kindergarten in Tu Son, Vietnam.

    Design Concept
    iDesign Vietnam introduces a learning space with the theme “Home of Bears.” In this context, “home” conveys intimacy, providing a sense of safety and comfort for children. Here, the “little bears” will have the opportunity to explore various creative and enriching activities, fostering holistic development both physically and mentally. Constructing models of trees, animals, and familiar themes throughout different spaces stimulates children’s curiosity. Our goal is for all learning and exploratory activities not only to occur within classrooms but also in hallways, playgrounds, or anywhere within the school premises.

    Selecting a modern design style plays a pivotal role in cultivating an international education environment. This brings forth a fresh, innovative space in alignment with the Canadian global education system. Modern design establishes a friendly environment that encourages autonomy, empowers students, and promotes interaction and collaboration.

    Functional Arrangement
    In terms of functionality, the design encompasses three main spaces: the Learning Corner (classrooms, STEAM room), the Talents Corner (artistic garden, music room, physical activities), and the Entertainment Corner (library, wooden playhouse area, auditorium). Additionally, there’s integration of experiential elements within communal areas like the lobby and corridors to create a cohesive theme.

    Organizing spaces for teachers and students in a convenient manner is essential. Simultaneously, leaving room for adaptation to future changes is crucial.

    Interior Design and Execution
    The interior design is adaptable to accommodate multifunctional use, suitable for various teaching and learning activities. This involves using movable furniture for flexible space division. Environmentally safe and child-friendly materials such as Plywood and Reclaimed Ship Wood are employed. The reclaimed wood originates from decommissioned ships, boasting enhanced durability, water resistance, rot prevention, and termite resistance compared to regular wood. An important benefit of reclaimed ship wood is its sustainability.

    Design: iDesign Viet Nam
    Design Team: Le Xuan Nam, Doan Viet Thang
    Contractor: International IBS Bac Ninh
    Photography: Abluebird Studio