Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre

  • area / size 9,278 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Tübingen, Germany,
  • Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner completed the Sofie Haug Children’s Day-Care Centre with open spaces for creativity in Tübingen, Germany.

    Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner have created this two-storey hybrid-timber building with a walkout basement set into a slope, its architecture emulating the terrain, perfectly adapted to the surrounding woodland.

    The timber frame structure achieves an enchantingly mystic effect with its façade made of charred spruce and glazed, teal spruce that weaves a pattern. The glazed entrance is set at an angle within the façade, framed in intensely bright, glazed, teal spruce.

    The access balcony structure on the south side and grouped ultra-slim steel columns create a zone for both interaction and quiet contemplation. Two hot-dip galvanised steel stairways lead to the playground. The interplay between timber and steel form a creative workshop for children.

    The east side is charged with tension with its walkout basement nestled in glass. Reflections and the supporting structure showing through as a stylised root system interconnect architecture and nature.

    The spatial layout is clearly defined. A wide central corridor provides access on each floor. The service rooms are located to the north, the recreation rooms to the south with a view to the outside.

    The communication system between materials and colours resembles a bright forest clearing. Walls of light-coloured spruce grow out of a dark-brown, earthy rubber floor. The sulphur-yellow oak doors emulate forest flowers. Window seats and wood wool panels forming a blue canopy make nature a central theme.

    The staircase unites the lift shaft’s exposed concrete with the spruce timber and black steel in a configuration which stimulates children’s natural curiosity to explore their sensory perceptions.

    The movement space in the walkout basement is filled with atmosphere owing to the dialogue between glass and exposed concrete, inside and out.

    Modern aesthetic design language combined with natural materials and colour contrasts create a venue that fulfils children’s desire for narrative architecture.

    Design: Dannien Roller Architekten + Partner
    Design Team: Matthias Roller, Maren Dannien, Claudia Hegelau
    Photography: Dietmar Strauß