Beijing City International School Cafeteria

  • area / size 10,764 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • ATDESIGNOFFICE completed an updated facility for the Beijing City International School Cafeteria in Beijing, China.

    The renovated cafeteria will provide 300 seats capacity. BCIS School has a diverse student population, with students from different countries and cultural backgrounds attending here. Therefore, the cafeteria offers a variety of international food choices.

    ATDesignoffice’s plan aims to provide a multifunctional space for teachers, students, and parents. It not only provides various delicious food and drinks, but also supports various functions such as roadshows, salons, and conversations.

    A multifunctional restaurant space is a design concept that combines practicality and innovation. It not only provides a high-quality dining experience, but also provides people with flexible and diverse activities and function choices. Whether used for gatherings, performances, or social interactions, this restaurant space can meet people’s needs and bring them more fun and enjoyment.

    Considering people’s social needs, there is a new cafĂ© that integrates with the garden for people to gather, communicate, and relax. This design makes the restaurant not only a dining area, but also a social center where people can meet new friends, engage in negotiations, or hold small events.

    The dining area with Beijing’s traditional cultural characteristics is decorated with traditional murals, wooden benches, and more. These decorative elements can create a strong historical and local cultural atmosphere, allowing people to feel the charm of integrating local culture and international community while dining.

    Photography: Tony Fan