Meridian High School

  • area / size 300,000 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Stantec designed the Meridian High School campus with a thoughtful layout in Falls Church, Virginia.

    The design of this seven-story, vertical high school offers flexible floorplans that provide security, efficiency, and adaptability to support programs and educational needs as they evolve. The academic setting, with visual transparency and natural daylighting, encourages creative thought, community building, and individual growth. All aspects of the design, from the space planning to the furniture, reinforces the client’s goals of community and collaboration.

    During the conceptual design phase, the Gilbane with Stantec + Quinn Evans Architects team designed the new high school from the inside out, offering a modern, sophisticated setting that fosters connections between what students are learning together and with local industry, the global market, and the real world beyond. Spaces for peer collaboration, laboratories in which to experience learning, and places for both the creation and the making of things are strategically placed throughout the building adjacent to a wide range of traditional and supplemental learning environments.

    Design: Stantec
    Architect: Quinn Evans Architects
    Photography: Tom Holdsworth Photography, Jerry Marinzel