XinCheng Campus Renovation

  • area / size 10,764 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Xinyang, China,
  • citivision design group designed the XinCheng Campus Renovation with color, creativity, and sophistication in Xinyang, China.

    Children always give people the impression of hope, life, and vitality, which as the rising sun does. They are enquiring, curios, and always lively. The campus hall is the starting point of school learning-life. When the colorful and lively hall intersects with natural light, what catches your eye will be a scene with bright and vibrant windows which writes a main melody about hope and growth for students’ campus life.

    When CDG designers initially started orchestrating the space, it proposed four keywords: ocean, sunrise, energy, and vitality. As the cradle of life which contains infinite possibilities, the sea embraces all rivers, and all life is born from it and grows tenaciously. At the same time, the ocean is often used to symbolize freedom, adventure, and the unknown. Full of vitality and borning towards the sun, children who bring light and hope to the entire country and the world symbolize a new life.

    Different from other learning spaces, CDG adopts the rare ocean ball as the main element for the entrance design. To create a joyful and colorful ocean atmosphere, designers filled the ocean ball in the “waves”. Based on the child’s nature, the extensive wave design improves the interest of the entire space, and the combination of colors can make it more attractive.

    On the left side of the hall, the CDG designers extends the lively and slight style of the waves, creating an unique set of bookcases. The ocean balls shaped in the words “XC (Xin Chang)” are placed in it, and a bubble shaped luminous film is embedded on the upper end of the bookcase as decoration, enriching the entire wall shape. The childishness of the CDG designers create a new environment for happy and free learning vibe. In the narrow space, they recreates the positivity and sunshine that the most beautiful childhood should have.

    Design: citivision design group
    Architects: WT Wang, XuJing
    Photography: He Jie