Western Academy of Beijing – Elementary School Library Renovation

  • area / size 11,862 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Beijing, China,
  • Studio Vapore completed the Elementary School Library Renovation for the Western Academy of Beijing in Beijing, China.

    Studio Vapore’s latest project, in partnership with WAB Elementary School, has brought to life a magical library—a testament to their most significant and impactful endeavor yet. This enchanting library effortlessly combines elements from fairy tales with traditional Chinese architecture, taking a central spot on the school campus. The primary goal of the design is to create a peaceful yet practical space where a variety of activities can coexist. The library is not just a place for reading and learning; it’s also a place where classes can be held during the day. The design subtly includes features of Chinese architecture, like elements resembling traditional roof shapes, and more prominent ones such as the Tibetan tower and a reading hut inspired by Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. All these architectural elements are transformed into a fairy tale-like appearance, making it feel as if children are stepping into a story from one of their books.

    Within the library, hidden corners and delightful surprises await discovery, providing an engaging and immersive storytelling experience. Circular modular bookshelves create cozy reading nooks with comfortable carpets. Interactive elements like periscopes, whispering tubes, and hidden crystals that create rainbows enhance the library’s enchanting atmosphere.
    A central spiral staircase connects the double-height space to the second-floor design classroom, where windows overlook this literary world.

    Ensuring that various activities can peacefully coexist within the same space was a challenging task. Studio Vapore enlisted the help of acoustic engineers to seamlessly incorporate acoustic features into the design, including Great Wall-inspired bricks on the side walls.

    Design: Studio Vapore
    Design Team: Erica Borsa, Tina Tian, Hongyu Yu, Yumi Zhang
    Photography: Wu Jianquan