Medea Creek Middle School Modulars

  • area / size 4,320 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • HED created a space that moves indoor to outdoor quickly at the Medea Creek Middle School Modulars in Oak Park, California.

    HED is increasingly looking at prototypes being developed by modular companies that provide permanent solutions and have increasing flexibility to adapt to specific circumstances of site, program, and pedagogy. We are currently working as district architect for Oak Park Unified School District and developing educational clusters at four separate sites, including three elementary schools and one middle school.

    In a period of upheaval and uncertainty, the creative deployment of pre-manufactured systems provides greater predictability to the construction process. Los Angeles is an emerging market with localized manufacturing facilities at hand. Medea Creek Middle School (pictured below) is the first of these projects that was completed last year.

    It is comprised of six classrooms, restrooms, an outdoor classroom, and demonstration vegetable garden. Sun sails and trees provide shade to the central courtyard.

    Design: HED
    Photography: Eric Staudenmaier