Waukee Innovation and Learning Center

  • area / size 70,000 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Waukee, Iowa, , United States
  • CannonDesign and INVISION were tasked with the design for the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center located in Waukee, Iowa.

    The 250-student Waukee Innovation and Learning Center (WILC) is a comprehensive educational experience for students in the Aspiring Professional Experience (APEX) program at Waukee High School near Des Moines, Iowa. The program is an example of how businesses and our educational system can work together to produce personalized learning experiences that prepare the next generation of professionals for 21st century opportunities. When Apple CEO Tim Cook toured the facility, he called the facility “a model for the country” and noted “we need this kind of opportunity for every kid in America.”

    Designed to prepare students for the region’s most in-demand careers, the building functions much like a modern workplace, housing collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, accelerators, decompression zones, a cafe and industry specific studios. All of this comes together to support the school’s curriculum, which is focused on five strands: business and finance, engineering, technology, health services, and biosciences and added value agriculture.

    ArchitectsCannonDesign and INVISION
    Photography: Cameron Campbell