Pieper High School

Pfluger Architects designed the state-of-the-art facilities at Pieper High School within the natural surroundings of San Antonio, Texas.

Pieper High School in Comal ISD is a 2,500-student campus that shares a site with Pieper Ranch Middle School. Preserving the natural topography of the location over the 90-foot elevation change allowed for a natural stair-stepped campus, making the terraced profile an attractive addition to the natural scenery. The interior configuration has multiple collaboration spaces, while the open campus design includes unobtrusive security configurations to address safety requirements.

The design threads immersive Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces around the student commons, the campus core, creating opportunities for students to explore potential interests and expand their future educational and career options. The district partnered with area employers to create CTE programs for high-demand careers, including a nutrition lab, JROTC, construction trades, health science, audio visual arts, and architecture and construction.

Students attending Pieper High School benefit from flexible shared spaces adjacent to every classroom that support team collaboration and the development of communication and cooperation skills. Spaces are designed to adapt to pedagogy and enrollment shifts over time, for a more flexible teaching and learning environment. The CTE areas provide spaces where students can learn hands-on about high-growth careers of the future, immersing themselves in potential in-demand career paths they may be inspired to pursue after graduation.

Design: Pfluger Architects
Design Team: Robyn Popa, Frank Amaro, Levi Sanciuc, Anthony Plascencia, Jazmine Byrom
Contractor: Bartlett Cocke General Contractors
Photography: Ayala Vargas