Emanuel Primary School

Emanuel Primary School in Cologne-Rodenkirch features a diverse, inclusive design by Drei Architekten, skillfully integrating educational aspects into the architectural concept.

  • area / size 110,115 sqft
  • Completed 2022
  • Location Cologne, Germany,
  • How can architecture successfully transform a school into a place that is more than just a space for learning? The answer to this question was fully realised at the Emanuel Primary School. The school with five parallel classes in each year group and an adjacent sports hall in Cologne-Rodenkirch can accommodate more than 500 pupils. It is the variety of different spaces ranging from small to large, quiet to lively that characterise its design. It offers spaces to study both individually or as a group, spaces for recreation, to retreat or for ex-changing with other pupils and teachers. The educational character of the school is skillfully intertwined with the (interior) architectural concept which can be experienced all throughout the building. Particularly the flexible use of the common areas – above all the central hall with its open staircase – as well as the cafeteria and the auditorium including a stage, add considerable value to the design. The organization of the classrooms and recreational spaces in clusters and the generous, multi-functional circulation areas in various depths offer countless opportunities to spend one’s time. In addition the school includes specifically designed spaces for (physical) therapy on the ground floor, theatre, art and music rooms as well as a library and a teaching kitchen on the second floor. The combination of those spaces create the foundation for a joint inclusive experience.

    Design: Drei Architekten
    Photography: Zooey Braun