Kita Ora Child Daycare Facility

STUDIO VALE and BSL Architekten collaborated on the Kita Ora Child Daycare Facility in Berlin-Kreuzberg, focusing on open, adaptable spaces with playful features and mobile furniture to accommodate evolving education concepts.

  • area / size 7,427 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Berlin, Germany,
  • Design for better education
    This child daycare facility project located in Berlin-Kreuzberg was carried out by STUDIO VALE in collaboration with BSL Architekten, in order to bring a light into the lives of preschoolers, a user group often neglected when it comes to design and architectural services.

    The future of educational spaces is open and adaptable
    The concept revolves around the idea of main group rooms, most of which are connected to one another as well as to an adjacent room, to give a feeling of openness and transparency, but also guarantee the option of visual and acoustic privacy when needed.

    Playing corners, arched niches, skylights and fun furniture features – like geometrically shaped handles – add character to the main corridor, transforming a passive circulation area into a lively and interactive space.

    Anticipating an accelerated evolution in the sector of public education, the furnishing concept developed by STUDIO VALE mostly contemplates the use of mobile furniture, in order to reduce the amount of built-in elements to a minimum, and to be able to adapt to changing educational concepts throughout time.

    Although the room setup shows a mostly traditional didactic approach, the architecture and design of the space take into account the rapid transition to more progressive and experimental ways of educating.

    In cooperation with Jasse Moebel, a range of products was designed and developed especially for this project, to meet both specific child safety requirements and ecological standards.

    The extensive use of plywood, complemented by bright accents of color, gives a warm yet playful ambiance to the space. The design doesn’t only respond to the needs of the daycare facility, but also anticipates and accommodates the evolving landscape of education.

    Design: STUDIO VALE

    Architect: BSL Architekten
    Furniture Partner: Jasse Moebel
    Photography: STUDIO VALE, Stefan Müller