Universidad Minuto de Dios – Learning, Research, and Innovation Resource Center (CRAI)

David Delgado Arquitectos transformed the Universidad Minuto de Dios library in Bogotá into an innovative learning space emphasizing books, technology, and user interaction, with a focus on maximizing natural light.

  • area / size 20,290 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Bogotá, Colombia,
  • The remodeling of the library in the Padre Rafael García Herreros building at the Universidad Minuto de Dios, Calle 80 campus in Bogotá, represents an ambitious project that transformed the space into an innovative Learning, Research, and Innovation Resource Center (CRAI). This renovation extends beyond the library to include additional areas such as patios, the dining hall, the chapel, and new student service offices located on the first floor.

    The CRAI aims to provide a modern and dynamic environment tailored to the educational and research needs of the 21st century. It emphasizes the creation of flexible and collaborative spaces designed to encourage interaction and knowledge exchange among students, faculty, and researchers.

    The architectural concept focuses on liberating books from their traditional confines, making them central to both the experience of the space and the architecture itself, with a façade where books play a starring role. The integration of cutting-edge technology, along with maximizing natural light and efficient space use, aims to create an inspiring and motivating atmosphere that stimulates creativity and critical thinking.

    The patio’s remodeling has turned it into the Heart of the Campus, drawing students and staff back to this new space for the wellbeing of the entire academic community.

    In summary, the library’s renovation at Universidad Minuto de Dios marks a significant step towards modernizing its facilities and enhancing the educational services offered to the university community. The CRAI has become a symbolic space reflecting the university’s commitment to academic excellence and ongoing innovation, successfully increasing students’ time spent on campus through a clear appropriation of the Alma Mater.

    Design: David Delgado Arquitectos
    Design Team: Andrés Delgado, Juan Manuel Maldonado, Catalina Suarez, Gabriela Casallas, Andrea Castri, Sergio Hernández, Carlos Palacios, Camila Jiménez, Pilar Mora, Angie Cifuentes, David Delgado
    Lighting Design: Unlight
    Photography: Juan Fernando Castro