Waynesburg University – Entrepreneurial Hub for Innovative Ventures and Endeavors (eHIVE)

DRAW Collective redesigned Waynesburg University’s eHIVE space with a focus on creativity, flexibility, and durability through the integration of maker spaces, classrooms, and a folding glass wall.

  • area / size 2,200 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Waynesburg University came to DRAW Collective with an idea: to establish a space for their new co-curricular innovation hub, dubbed the ‘eHIVE’ (entrepreneurial Hub for Innovative Ventures and Endeavors). The design of this space was pivotal in realizing their overarching vision: developing a culture of proactive, innovative, and ethically sound problem-solving aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills and experiences to excel in an ever-changing world. The eHIVE embodies this vision with a range of spaces from tech-heavy maker spaces to more traditional shop space and from a more traditional classroom layout to a collaborative and open space to “pitch” entrepreneurial ideas to fellow students.

    Creating a broad range of classrooms and maker spaces was imperative for the eHIVE’s success. However, accommodating all these functions within a confined space posed a significant challenge for the design team. To ensure that the space aligned with the program’s vision, DRAW closely collaborated with the University team to identify key equipment and functional requirements. Multiple layouts were developed to determine the most efficient and flexible arrangement of the space and provide the clear areas, connections, and infrastructure required by the equipment needed to support the program. Some spaces were separated to allow for appropriate ventilation of potentially harmful byproducts; other spaces were opened up and a moveable wall system was used to allow separate spaces to do double duty as a space for larger gatherings.

    The space identified for the eHIVE is a prominent location at the main entrance of the student center. As a program open to all students, this highly visible location presented an opportunity to introduce eHIVE concepts to a larger group of students. The traditional aesthetic of the student center is in keeping with the larger campus but didn’t align as closely with the goals of the eHIVE. To fully capture the essence of the eHIVE, DRAW worked through a wide range of precedent images and other examples with the team which identified a focus on simple, durable, and honest materials such as natural wood and polished concrete, high visibility into and throughout the space, and above all a highly functional space that inspires creativity. To integrate these themes into the more traditional student center, DRAW considered and detailed each joint and connection carefully to elevate these relatively modest materials and enhance the overall character of the space.

    Through collaborative efforts with the University and thorough exploration of various options, the eHIVE successfully incorporates a wide range of requirements into a functional and adaptable space. It fits seamlessly into the traditional student center while standing out as a novel approach to learning. This integration has vastly expanded teaching possibilities for the entrepreneurship program and exposed a larger portion of the student body to its innovative nature.

    Design: DRAW Collective
    Contractor: Mosites Construction and Development
    Photography: Ed Massery