Saint Louis Hospital Kindergarten

JANEZ NGUYEN ARCHITECTES designed Saint Louis Hospital Kindergarten in Paris with various faces including zinc cladding, timber, and a green roof.

  • area / size 6,458 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • Location Paris, France,
  • The kindergarten takes place in Saint Louis’s hospital in the 10th district of Paris next to an existing kindergarten for hospital’s staff which garden will be shared between the two entities. Thanks to dry construction methods, the building is completely dismountable, so the site can be reversed to its initial state and the building reused on another site.

    The building is characterized by different faces. The first one, connected to public space, is covered with perforated and pre-weathered zinc cladding shaped by the existing road. It represents a protection filter.

    The second face made of timber is more transparent and permeable, creates a direct relationship with the shared garden.

    The 3rd face is a green roof that recreates the existing garden and offers a space for biodiversity.

    The specific challenges of carrying out the project in such a context were to integrate the building into a regulated historical environment and to maintain hospital activities during the construction. The building won in 2021 the Regional timber construction award.

    Photography: Benoit Florençon