Inventure Academy, Yeshwanthpur

Inventure Academy’s innovative campus in Yeshwantpur, designed by Education Design International features a vertical design addressing urban space constraints and emphasizing natural light.

  • area / size 148,000 sqft
  • Completed 2023
  • Location Bengaluru, India,
  • Set in the bustling urban district of Yeshwantpur, the new campus for Inventure Academy, designed by Education Design International (EDI), exemplifies innovation in educational architecture. This vertical campus design, an elegant solution to space constraints in an urban setting, seamlessly accommodates sports facilities and learning environments for approximately 750 students, fostering a community-centric educational space.

    Architectural and Design Innovations:

    • Welcoming Entry and Heart of the School: Central to the campus is the signature gathering staircase, which not only serves as a welcoming point of entry but also functions as the vibrant heart of the school. This area enhances connectivity and fosters spontaneous interactions among students, embodying the community spirit of the academy.

    • Dynamic Learning Environments: The design includes flexible and adaptive learning spaces, which can easily transition to support various educational methodologies. These spaces enable everything from individual study to collaborative group projects and team teaching, showcasing a commitment to versatile educational practices.

    • Natural Light and Passive Cooling: With a strategic emphasis on maximizing natural light and employing passive cooling strategies, the building design ensures energy efficiency and maintains a comfortable learning environment. Classrooms facing north and operable windows across the campus facilitate natural ventilation, significantly reducing reliance on mechanical cooling.

    • Biophilic Design: By integrating natural elements such as green walls and extensive use of natural lighting, the campus design focuses on biophilic principles to enhance the educational experience and student well-being.

    Exceptional Qualities:

    • Active Learning Spaces: The campus features several active learning spaces interconnected with the central learning commons, accommodating a dynamic range of pedagogical activities. These areas are designed to be flexible, catering to both quiet reflective learning and energetic, collaborative interactions.

    • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: The campus employs advanced sustainable technologies and materials, including insulated roofing and energy-efficient windows, demonstrating EDI’s commitment to environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

    • Cultural and Contextual Sensitivity: Reflecting Bangalore’s rich cultural heritage, the design incorporates local materials and architectural motifs, promoting a sense of community identity and sustainability.

    Inventure Academy’s new campus is a paradigm of how thoughtful design can integrate functionality with aesthetic elegance to create a stimulating educational environment. The campus not only accommodates a significant number of students but does so in a manner that promotes sustainability, flexibility, and community engagement.

    Design: Education Design International
    Photography: André Fanthome | Noughts And Crosses Photography