Haywood Community College – Health Sciences Education Building

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting designed Haywood Community College’s Health Sciences Education Building, emphasizing innovative academic spaces and a focus on wellness through indoor/outdoor connectivity.

Haywood Community College’s Health Sciences Education Building serves as one of the best facilities for Nursing education in North Carolina, expanding and modernizing the student experience while supplying critical healthcare professionals for the region. The building features academic and instructional spaces including lab areas as well as a larger lecture hall and general classrooms all designed to showcase the innovation of their designated academic programs.

The high-fidelity simulation lab mimics a real hospital unit where nursing students engage in hands-on training with lifelike mannequins, simulating diverse medical scenarios. This controlled environment allows for repeated practice and error correction, providing valuable learning experiences. In addition to the simulation lab, the state-of-the-art facility boasts a skills lab, biology lab, and an elevated lecture hall.

The emphasis on interior-exterior connectivity, daylighting, and a philosophy of learning everywhere positions this building as a beacon for nursing education in North Carolina, representing a significant step toward meeting healthcare demands in the region. The space is a warm environment with a focus on wellness through indoor/outdoor connectivity, daylighting, landscape integration, and a “Learning Happens Everywhere” approach.

Design: Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Photography: Sean Busher