The Letovo International School

  • area / size 430,556 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Atelier Pro Architects and Atrium Architects have designed the Letovo International School, an interdisciplinary secondary school located in Moscow, Russia.

    The International Letovo School is ready to open doors for a new generation of students and teachers. The school is work for 1000 students from 12 to 18 years old.

    The primary objective of the Letovo School is reveal the potential and capabilities of each child individually, to identify and develop abilities, rely on their personal psychotype, equal opportunities and with transparent access to knowledge.

    The result is outstanding living and learning environment where a diverse collegiate community is encouraged to develop and excel.
    The space is already unique for the educational project. The project became the winner as “The best architectural and town-planning solution of health and education objects”.

    The school is a campus – it means that that it`s work daytime (daily from 8.00 to 16.00), weekly (from Monday to Saturday) and full stay (with a break for vacation time). Space must inspire pupils and teachers for a joint information and educational environment, promote cooperation, creativity, research and innovation.

    The social spaces at the center of the school planning solution. They form communities and participation in the rhythm of school life. Such spaces are important for building relationships not only between students, but also between teachers and students. Because they remove misunderstanding and psychological tension. Despite the fact that digital learning and on-line interactions are also present in the organization of the environment we must admit that human interaction is not interchangeable and has a special value and importance in the educational process.

    More than 40,000 square meter facility consists of classrooms, tiered lecture rooms, labs, lounges, meeting points, offices, music rooms, library and sport zone.

    The heart of the school space is amphitheater with pronounced architectural forms and large stage that would reflect vibrant life of the campus. Despite many public areas, the school maintains the classical style of class planning. This approach creates a balance between strict school rules and active children life. The reception and amphitheater areas serve not only as a welcoming space, but a space vital to the function of the building itself. Considering that the majority of students spend their entire day within the building, the lobby was designed to provide a number of spaces for them to study, collaborate and socialize.

    Letovo School is a full board that is why attention is paid to the menu, increased staff responsibility for clean of canteen. The canteen is intended for school staff and students and planning solutions are convenient for each group of users.

    Letovo School will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and social interaction among students and between students and teachers. All spaces provide students and faculty with new ways of connecting, collaborating and learning both on and off campus.

    ArchitectsAtelier Pro Architects and Atrium Architects
    Furniture: PLYCON
    Contractor: Pridex
    : Andrey Sorokin