Rosemary Works School – Second Phase

  • area / size 8,611 sqft
  • Completed 2016
  • Location London, England,
  • Aberrant Architecture completed their second phase of the redesign at Rosemary Works school in London, England.

    Aberrant Architecture’s engagement with the directors, teachers, pupils and broader community of Rosemary Works continues an ambitious commitment to the school, which won the practice a Dulux ‘Let’s Colour’ Award for the first phase of improvements in 2015.

    The second phase of renovation and reimagination at Rosemary Works school centers around its multi-purpose hall; ideas on how this space might be used were generated through a series of workshops with children attending the school. A subtle but striking intervention includes a series of sculptural rails, customizable lighting and brightly colored curtains in varying opacities, allowing for adjustable degrees of privacy, as well as acting as acoustic barriers.

    Such flexible conditions allow the space to be radically transformed to accommodate varied activities, whether as an open communal space or divided into more intimate enclosures: from a large dining hall for lunch sittings or a space for assemblies and events, to a cosy interior suited to after-school clubs, reading groups or special lessons.

    In addition the practice has unveiled inventive, mobile and multi-functional furniture elements, which allow little users to configure their own space – creating an engaging and interactive environment for education. The furniture elements also provide a variety of storage options which can be adapted by and for the changing needs of the school children or other community uses.

    ArchitectAberrant Architecture
    Photography: Simon Kennedy