Caulfield Grammar School – The Learning Project

  • area / size 4,413 sqft
  • Completed 2014
  • Location Melbourne, Australia,
  • Hayball completed The Learning Project as an experimental and multi-functional space for the campuses of Caulfield Grammar School in Melbourne, Australia.

    The Learning Project evolved from the masterplanning for the school’s three campuses in metropolitan Melbourne, developed by Hayball in 2013.

    The project marks a progressive move by the school, with a prefabricated building introduced to each campus to facilitate a shift towards bespoke facilities for a new pedagogy. As a prototype, the project acts as a vehicle for change, enabling the school and designers to test settings and spaces which are designed for purposeful and differentiated learning.

    Each modular building is designed with dedicated and connected spaces for whole-group work, small group collaborations, production, presentation and performance activities, quiet reflection and individual study. The prefabricated buildings offer greater affordability and the potential to be demounted and relocated after the testing phase.

    The project is the subject of broader research being undertaken by the University of Melbourne to evaluate the role of design in learning environments.

    Photography: Henry Lam, Dianna Snape