Ida Freeman Media Center

  • area / size 6,982 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • MA+ Architecture designed the Ida Freeman Media Center with the intention of creating a reading culture, located in Edmond, Oklahoma.

    The new Media Center and Storm Shelter Addition at Ida Freeman Elementary promotes a long-lasting culture of reading. Core to the design of the new media center, this theme also compliments the school’s desire to pay tribute to Ida Freeman and the years she spent reading with children as an educator with Edmond area schools. The interior is colorful and flexible, encouraging students to engage with literature.

    Oklahoma’s severe weather can strike at any time, often requiring students to seek shelter. Addressing this need, the new Media Center doubles as a 665 capacity storm shelter and offers students a safe place during extreme weather events. During mild weather conditions, South facing FEMA-compliant metal coiling doors remain up and out of sight, allowing natural light to fill the space during the day. Support columns were creativity disguised as a book-spline feature at the center of the room. This accent softens two centrally located columns, and draws attention to the library’s circulation desk beneath.

    The lively interior was designed to engage children’s imaginations, while simultaneously creating teaching moments. A wall depicting an open book allows staff to curate book of the month displays and welcomes students into the imaginative world of reading. Keeping true to the school’s mission, the design of the new Media Center aims to prepare students for life-long learning inside and outside of the classroom.

    ArchitectMA+ Architecture
    Design Team: Gary Armbruster, Marcia Gallant, Andrea Durbin, Veronica Burns
    ContractorPillar Contracting
    Photography: Simon Hurst