Brunswick Park Cookery Cottage

  • area / size 786 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Surman Weston completed the conversion of an old caretaker’s cottage into a specialist cookery classroom for Brunswick Park Primary School’s new cookery program in London, England.

    The formerly cellular ground floor of the cottage has been completely reconfigured to provide a generous and flexible teaching space that maximizes pupil participation and interaction at all stages of the cooking process.

    Both the preparation tables and cooking island are centrally positioned to ensure students can always see and learn from each other while cooking.

    The scheme is designed around the principle of learning through experience. Individual construction components are left exposed and color coded to help the children understand how their new space is physically put together.

    The kitchen cupboards and table tops are made from a robust recycled plastic which is formed from reconstituted yoghurt pots and their foil lids. Within the surface finish of the plastic the yoghurt pots and foil flecks are clearly recognisable, allowing children to visually earn about recycling and reducing waste.

    The innovative plastic is one part of a highly textured and colorful material palette carefully chosen to provide a robust and joyful space, conducive for learning.

    Architect: Surman Weston
    Photography: Lewis Khan