Federation Of Local Authorities in Israel – Tel Aviv

  • area / size 13,131 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel,
  • Irit Greenberg Architects was given the task of bringing an updated design to the Federation Of Local Authorities in Israel in the city of Tel Aviv.

    This college was designed for local municipalities employees’ education, keeping them up to date with all the innovations in the modern and smart cities field of education and research.

    The space contains lecture rooms, public spaces for gathering and offices. The guideline in the design is a combination of industrial look with a warm and homely look. The college design took in consideration accessible to the disabled. The design idea was to develop the public areas as a meeting place for the students during recess.

    The corridors were designed with urban elements, metal embosses with LED bulbs that are able to change the amounts of light in an urban skyline design. The Wall simulates aerial photographs of buildings with green lungs. The registration counter was uniquely designed in order to be accessible for disabled students or employees.

    The ceiling systems were painted in color according to their function. Durable and green materials such as porcelain granite tiles for flooring and bamboo as wood material were selected.

    The classrooms were built with sliding partitions that allow enlargement to bigger halls; the tables in use are folding tables – this allows practical moving and several uses for the space.

    The tint is repeated in the ceiling systems with upholstery and the metal tint on the walls. The hallways and corridors were expanded to allow informal students interaction during recess. The beautiful cafeteria is located on the best spot, viewing the urban skyline of Tel Aviv.

    Design: Irit Greenberg Architects
    Photography: Yoav Peled