American International School of Zagreb

  • area / size 90,000 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location Zagreb, Croatia,
  • Flansburgh Architects were tasked with designing the American International School of Zagreb in Zagreb, Croatia.

    The multi-school 13,000-m2 Središće Educational Complex consists of a new 6,000-m2 building for the American International School of Zagreb designed by Flansburgh, as well as a Croatian kindergarten and a Croatian elementary school designed by AVP + Sangrad. With a shared vision of an elegant, highly structured scheme that resonates with its urban context and reflects the educational priorities of each school, Flansburgh and AVP + Sangrad jointly won the international competition hosted by the City of Zagreb to design the new educational precinct. After award of the competition, Flansburgh engaged AISZ and continued to refine the design with the school’s input. From the street, the new AISZ responds to the clean modernist aesthetic of Novi Zagreb, the communist-era neighborhood where the school is located. Flansburgh’s design supports a culture of collaboration, interdependence, and community grounded in personalized learning.

    The school is organized around three outdoor courtyards interwoven with learning commons, dining commons, and team meeting spaces. Open plans and transparent walls provide educational flexibility with visual connections to indoor and outdoor learning activities. Classrooms open onto informal learning spaces which can be used for break-out, meeting space, and collaborative activities between multiple classes.

    Architect: Flansburgh Architects
    Local Architect: Sangrad + AVP
    Photography: Robert Benson & Miljenko Bernfest