INNOPARK Children Science Museum

  • area / size 4,628 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Location Moscow, Russia,
  • Koshka was tasked with creating a space for impact and learning at the INNOPARK Children Science Museum in Moscow, Russia.

    This is an innovative – both narrative and interactive children museum concept. The educational purpose for the space is turned to a scientific playground. All showpieces are made to be investigated with a touch, sound or smell, nothing here is off limits. The highest level of impression is promised both for children and their parents.

    Interior design concept was to create a stage for the dynamic science presentation. We’ve elaborated the set design for this performance, theatrical lighting and each zone’s functionality to the last detail.

    For the exhibits’ background we’ve selected brutal textures painted locally in dark complex hues with small bright accents. All the materials were chosen with years of service in mind, and their wear should only add charm to the interior.

    The colored lines on the floor run across furniture items in specific ways to create an optical illusion of a continuous shape from certain angles.

    The dome above the reception area works as a screen for the current events/prices information. The lighting within the project was developed and selected so as to pierce the darkness, revealing whatever is required, emphasize things without overexposure and underscore the overall fairytale atmosphere.

    Design: Koshka
    Photography: Ilya Ivanov