California Lutheran University – Ullman Commons

  • area / size 28,000 sqft
  • Completed 2014
  • HED created a space for both dining and studying for California Lutheran University students with the Ullman Commons in Thousand Oaks, California.

    California Lutheran University’s Ullman Commons embodies sustainable consumption in both craft and cuisine.

    Positioned at the intersection of two main pedestrian access points, the Commons establishes a new, central gathering place for the CLU community. The open-plan interior offers a variety of dining options, featuring local seasonable selections that support both a healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle. Flexible seating, including booths and high-top tables, accommodates students’ preferred dining experience, while a market and Starbucks provide on-the-go options—and additional on-campus jobs for student workers.

    Elegantly modeling sustainability in action, the two-story, LEED Silver dining facility leverages energy-efficient and water-saving features to conserve operational resources, while a transparent exterior skin maximizes daylighting and enhances interior/exterior connectivity.

    A powerful example of community-based environmental awareness and green design, the new Ullmann Commons demonstrates that responsible choices can be beautiful—and delicious.

    Through both dining options and design, The LEED Silver facility models sustainability in action. A transparent exterior skin leverages daylighting and increases interior / exterior connectivity. The environmentally-friendly structure also includes energy-efficient and water-saving features to reduce energy load and conserve operational resources.

    An open-plan interior provides an upscale, retail-dining experience.
    A variety of food stations offers healthy, locally-sourced menu items to accommodate every diet and appetite. Replacing a fifty-year-old cafeteria, the new Ullman Commons is a central focal point and community gathering space at the heart of campus.

    Architect: HED
    Photography: RMA Photography