Brookes Street Early Education

BSPN Architecture designed a premier space for their employee’s children with Brookes Street Early Education in Brisbane, Australia.

Brookes Street Early Education was originally conceived from the need to provide full time, quality child care facilities for the children of employees at BSPN Architecture. The design of Brookes Street Early Education was largely informed by the heritage building’s history as the original Fortitude Valley School (1867).

The setting, in a heritage listed former school house built in 1867, has been architecturally restored and is warm and welcoming, providing a nurturing, natural, inspiring and responsive learning environment. The building is surrounded by extensive natural grounds providing children with ample space to explore, discover, investigate and wonder.

The design of Brookes Street Early Education recognises the importance of outdoor play for young children’s healthy growth. Our easily accessible outdoor environment invites children to explore, make choices and empower them to make decisions about their learning. With one of the biggest natural outdoor footprints in the inner city area, the facilities allow the freedom to educate children both indoors and outdoors, offering children the opportunity to interact with the elements around us and to gain an understanding of the world we live in.

With over 30 years’ experience in design for the education sector, BSPN Architecture used their expertise to craft an early learning environment that engages children and promotes exploration, social interaction, as well as learning and development.

In addition to BSPN’s own experience, they have drawn upon collaboration with sector leaders within early learning, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions from around the country including some of Queensland’s finest Schools.

BSPN Architecture, uniquely as both the client and the architect, have approached this early childhood education facility from a very different perspective to that of the traditional provider. The collaboration of education designers and educators has provided a unique opportunity for insight into the use and operation of the learning environment. What started for us as an idea to have an office creche developed over time to become a fully functional Long Day Care Service for the use of working parents across greater Brisbane.

Design: BSPN Architecture
PhotographyChristopher Frederick Jones