Macks Creek Elementary Addition

  • area / size 10,700 sqft
  • Completed 2017
  • Dake Wells Architecture was tasked with expanding the space for Macks Creek Elementary School located in the rural town of Macks Creek, Missouri.

    When Macks Creek, Missouri (pop. 244) lost its township status in 2012, its rural school became the last remaining of cial symbol of its close-knit community. Perched atop a hill overlooking the old downtown, the school needed improvements for its youngest students, and in 2014, the community saw the opportunity to exhibit their hometown pride. The resulting project replaces a failing WPA era building while improving site circulation and reinforces the school’s identity and visual presence in the community.

    The addition of nine classrooms extends an existing double loaded corridor from the school, reaching out to the street and creating an opportunity for views to and from the addition. A cantilevered classroom at its most prominent corner serves to create a strong identity for the school, while providing a covered drop off and waiting area for students. The building section is developed to admit ample amounts of daylight into an otherwise uninspired space, while simple, yet bold graphics and material choices provide durability and identity.

    Architect: Dake Wells Architecture
    Design Team: Brandon Dake, Bethany Henry, Cara Collins
    Contractor: Westport Construction,Co.
    Photography: Gayle Babcock