Konforist Edu. Suites Girls Dormitory

  • area / size 64,583 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Renda Helin Design designed the Konforist Edu. Suites Girls Dormitory to be a welcoming and comfortable space for occupants in Istanbul, Turkey.

    The custom-designed suits furnished with closets, desks, kitchen niches and bed compartments for each student room. These compartments are separated each other by letters such as A,B,C and different concept colors to prevent the possible confusions. Bed compartments are designed also to have special cabinets above to storage luggages and blankets.

    All beds designed with blackout curtains preventing roommates desk lights while they work and gives privacy. Some rooms are designed having with terraces and balconies to be aimed to regain of home environment. The rooms have an individuality that given the importance of creating common areas intended to improve socialization; cafe, hobby kitchen, study room, cinema, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness and laundry areas are designed. These energetic of spaces in public areas, care has been taken to include positive colors and messages. Even the names given to the washing machine and all areas be considered waggishly to be a unique venue for all with itself. Thus, communication between students and had just been formed in space and a common language understood by the inhabitants of that place.

    The window blinds with rail and made of concept colors at the exterior of the building, are designed to cut the intense light comes from South and provide also privacy at the same time as a second task. Sun Breakers also transform the facade to interactive design and the building as an moving object.

    Architect: Renda Helin Design
    Photography: Furkan Uyan