Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 School

  • area / size 109,300 sqft
  • Completed 2019
  • Corgan designed Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 School to be a celebration of student-driven learning and making in Marana, Arizona.

    As the first ground up C-STEM (computer, science, technology, engineering, and math) school in Arizona, Dove Mountain sets a precedent as a school of choice.

    Influenced by the district’s vision to provide C-STEM exposure in elementary school and connect with CTE programs in high school, the Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8 school’s design promotes student interaction in a 21st-century learning environment, offering a creative and specialized academic experience. Based on the community’s goals of an innovative and collaborative environment, Corgan devised a plan to create a campus that departs from traditional classroom typologies to connect often siloed programs and learning and create a fluid, seamless experiences that encourages collaboration and inspires new interests.

    All classrooms are uniform in design and natural light, having equal access to age-appropriate outdoor learning areas. Inside the rooms wall-mounted touch screen monitors, flexible furniture, and glass partition walls that open to the adjoining hallway for interactive group learning fully equip each space with a dynamic set of resources for several subjects and learning modes This expanded classroom feature includes pin-up boards and whiteboards that rotate 90 degrees to enable interaction with the classrooms across the hall. While projects are born in the classroom, they can be further explored in outdoor learning areas, allowing students to gather information, think critically, make decisions, and take action within their C-STEM learning.

    Partnering with Code to the Future, the Odyssey of the Mind School, zSpace, and other leading organizations, led to the incorporation of integral augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) zSpace labs throughout the school, in addition to 3D printing, media rooms, makerspaces, and wet labs to create opportunities for hands-on learning. Here, students can virtually explore everything from organ dissection and volcanoes to the mechanics of complex machines—bringing learning to life and inviting students to take risks and solve problems while preparing students for the technologies and tools of future jobs.

    The building is not only a space for learning it is also a learning tool. Structural and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) elements are color-coded and on-display in transparent technology hubs to teach the students how the building is constructed and how the systems work together to create their learning environment. Throughout the campus, these systems come together to add vibrant color, texture, and daylight that energize the learning environment and enrich faculty and students’ daily lives—marrying the science and beauty of good design.

    Architect: Corgan
    Contractor: Chasse Building Team
    Photography: courtesy of Corgan