FS Kindergarten and Nursery

  • area / size 6,551 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Usa, Japan,
  • HIBINOSEKKEI and Youji no Shiro collaborated on the FS Kindergarten and Nursery to bring their unique design expertise to this playful space in Usa, Japan.

    This is a new kindergarten and nursery for 76 children, which is built in the playground of the former facility. In the playground of the former building, there was a big tree and under the shade of that tree children used to enjoy gathering, finding interesting things in each season, and creating their own plays.

    Thus, the concept of the new building ‘Connect to the Shade of Tree’ is created for the kindergarten’s characteristic and history that the shade of tree makes children’s sensitivity cultivated and makes people comfortable.

    The characteristic big roof is like hanging tarp between trees. Inside the building, a lot of natural materials are used in walls, floorings, and ceilings. In this way, people can smell good and feel comfortable like being under the tree.

    In the dining room, children can have a good lunch time while feeling comfortable with sunlight and wind, thanks to the full-open doors to connect to outside. Generally, most of facilities’ kitchens are closed, but here the large glass window is used for children to have interests in food and be able to communicate chefs.

    Moreover, there are many community spaces like a space for neighbors and a library space whose scall is suited to children like the tree cave. In the atelier space, they can concentrate and enjoy creating and drawing without minding making floorings dirty, but also it stimulates their creativity by feeling nature through wide-opened windows which is connected to the playground.

    In the way to take over the elements of tree shades which has been loved by children in the former building, a new building is also cultivating children’s sensitivity.

    Architect: HIBINOSEKKEI and Youji no Shiro
    Photography: Toshinari Soga