Red House International School Curitiba

  • area / size 9,472 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Curitba, Brazil,
  • Studio dLux designed a playful experience for young learners at the Red House International School in Curitiba, Brazil.

    Our biggest client, Red House School searched for STUDIO DLUX to design one of the new school units, located in Santo Inácio neighborhood, in Curitiba – the capital of Paraná – where previously a well-known event space was located.

    The great part of the project, after long days of understanding with teachers, coordinators and directors, was to align a space that used to have another use, in powerful learning experiences aligned with the space in which the school was inserted. The former event space consisted of a huge piece of land with a free area and a central house. In this house, we adapted all the necessary programs for the children’s education at the school and transformed it into a playful experience for all the children who study there.

    The structure of the house was maintained and adapted to different uses of the program, such as administration, classrooms, library and refectory. All of them are located in strategic points for the best functioning in the school day-to-day. Two interesting points of the difference in use, was the transformation of the large open event space (main hall) into a large hall of classrooms, which received a treatment in the existing ceiling, in order to refer to a starry sky. In addition, the house had a large swimming pool that received all the rubble of the construction so that it could become an outdoor playground.

    The school was designed for the small details of everyday life, for the most common activities. We believe that capturing the essence and children’s experiences provided an aesthetically pleasing and widely functional project.

    Design: Studio dLux
    Design Team: Daniel Ogata, Denis Fuzii, Tamiris Bibbó, Ana Ganzaroli, Cristiane Emi, Teresa Vicini Lodi, Ana Carolina Yokota
    Photography: Hugo Chinaglia