OM Nursery

  • area / size 19,181 sqft
  • Completed 2020
  • Location Hitachiomiya, Japan,
  • HIBINOSEKKEI, Youji no Shiro, and KIDS DESIGN LABO completed another collaboration with special care to material and space for play at the OM Nursery in Hitachiomiya, Japan.

    This is a nursery newly built in Hitachi-omiya in Ibaraki. There are paddy fields and forests near the nursery. Its beautiful and rich nature develop children’s healthy body and rich mindset. From this image, the design concept ‘Greenhouse to watch over warmly’ is made.

    From the shape of surrounding fields, a corridor is laid out in the center like a footpath between rice fields. With the top light, people can feel like touching nature even inside. For the exterior material, metal is used with the image of protecting children strongly. On the other hand, natural things are used for the interior to look warm.

    The dining room with full-open windows connects to the pool terrace. In this way, natural light and wind are taken inside and children can have lunch like being in nature.

    The three‐dimensional net climbing makes children’s physical ability and sense of balance grow. In the playground where they can feel nature a lot, they can run around for a long distance without stopping and take exercise well through playing.

    In these ways, the image of paddy fields scenery is not only suited to the surroundings but also here is the hub of the local community. Like a greenhouse which raises seedlings warmly, this facility watches over children warmly and develops their physical ability and rich mindset.

    Design: HIBINOSEKKEI, Youji no Shiro, KIDS DESIGN LABO
    Photography: Toshinari Soga of studio BAUHAUS