Lakeland Elementary School

  • area / size 72,000 sqft
  • Completed 2021
  • TowerPinkster utilized school colors to create inspiring spaces for learning at Lakeland Elementary School in Coldwater, Michigan.

    The two-story building solution creates a logical separation of 4th and 5th grades by assigning each floor level to a grade level. The main level of the building is zoned into classroom wings that create separation for security purposes from the public spaces of the lobby, gymnasium, and cafeteria. Classrooms are designed to provide consistency and flexibility for staff and students. Multi-purpose instructional spaces, small group rooms, and adequate office spaces for itinerant staff were included to provide multiple venues for a wide variety of instruction.

    All spaces are equipped with modern and flexible furniture that provides a high level of student comfort while providing the adaptability staff need to deliver education in several ways, including lecture format, small group collaboration, and independent work.

    The aesthetic of both the interior and exterior of the building utilizes a branded color palette and materials consistent with recent High School and Middle School projects. Additionally, elements such as murals and signage are strategically placed throughout the building to help reinforce school branding and celebrate ‘Cardinal Pride.’

    Design: TowerPinkster
    Photography: Jason Keen