Centro Educacional Pioneiro

  • area / size 1,937 sqft
  • Completed 2018
  • Location São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Studio dLux have created a design for the renovation of the Centro Educacional Pioneiro, a private school located in São Paulo, Brazil.

    The school was looking for a space modernization, to transmit innovation and Studio dLux was invited by Centro Educacional Pioneiro to elaborate a new project for them. The rooms selected to the renovation were: the teacher’s room, technology room and the library.

    The teachers had the need for a more suitable room for their needs whilst they rest during classes. With the room expansion, there was space for more work stations, including an “L” shaped desk and a shared desk for eight people. A chill-out area was also created, with a small kitchen and storage furniture.

    The old technology room was too narrow to accommodate the students, teachers and storage. To solve the issue, there was a 5,6 ft extension in the room, adding 32 ft2 to the total area. A wide furniture, composed by cabinets made in plywood and green Formica, designed by Studio dLux, was created to storage every equipment in classes and to create a division between the student and teacher’s area. This cabinet has an asymmetric drawing, with a glass panel between the lower and upper parts, allowing a visual integration between both areas.

    One of the main requests for the library project was that it could be seen from outside. To make this possible, glasses were installed at half length, so that people transiting in the corridor would be able to see the renewed space and its wood and gradient blue details in the ceiling, from the outside. The same blue tones were used in the back wall, composing a drawing with the school’s main colours.

    Every bookcase was kept low, to allow a better experience with the students attending the space. The central bookcases have wheels, allowing any layout alteration, according to the space’s needs.
    To create more reading spots, benches and small bleachers in a hexagonal shape were designed. There are also workstations for group activities, with furniture such as the House-shaped booth.

    DesignerStudio dLux
    Architects: Denis Fuzii, Beatriz Guedes, Daniel Ogata, Giuliana Ermini
    Photography: Guilherme Pucci