Elementary School Library Design

Elementary school libraries are one of most important spaces in a school and can be be incredible safe-zones for learning and exploration.

Whether children are learning to read, listening to a story, finding out how to research a topic, building computer skills, or waiting for their parent to pick them up, the library is a one-stop-shop that can accommodate it all.

Having published a variety of school libraries over the last few years on Education Snapshots, there are several design themes we’ve noticed in the last several years:

Vibrant colors – colorful walls, ceilings, and flooring seem to be a given in modern elementary school designs.

Reading nooks and alcoves – many libraries have nooks built into the walls and shelving throughout the library as a way to offer small places to read or complete assignments.

Comfortable seating – just like adults, students want comfortable spaces to read and engage with the books they have found.

Learning stairs and tiered bleachers – because libraries can also be utilized for larger gatherings and speakers, building learning stairs are one method to add extra multipurpose seating.

Let’s take a peek at some of our favorite designs below…